Travel notifications for when it's time to return to travel

Keep employees safe and informed with Notify by Shep as they search for business travel. As travel risk and health factors change, it’s critical for companies to be able to communicate the right info to the right travelers at the right time.

Shep is a browser extension that pops up travel notifications and alerts when employees are looking for or booking business travel across multiple sites.


From the press

Shep would guide Discovery travelers on policy [&] provide messaging on various aspects of duty of care, including Covid-19 advisories.
The notifications can provide health alerts, travel advisories and links to a company's Covid-19 resource page or external resources on the virus
By monitoring activity on more than 70 consumer travel sites, the technology can help companies improve savings, compliance and safety.
The browser extension is a simple and elegant solution to a problem many of our customers face
John Morhous
John Morhous CXO, Flight Centre Group
This eliminates uncertainty on both sides; the traveler knows instantly what is expected of them and allowed.
These players are driving the industry forward by fixing how travelers book and experience business travel.

Guide your travelers when, where, and how it's safe to travel

As restrictions start to lift and travel needs to start up again, Notify can communicate which countries employees can and can’t travel to.

Shep is fast, intuitive, and delivers "right message at the right time” capabilities to ensure employees make the right travel choices.

Health and safety notifications everywhere

Whether searching for a flight or hotel on the official company OBT (online booking tool) or off on a consumer website, Notify is able to deliver relevant, timely messages about travel rules, policy, and priorities.

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Customized messaging

Notify’s fully customizable notifications can deliver training videos, approval forms, and links to resources or to your intranet on top of almost any travel site.

Notifications can include things like:

  • Text
  • Forms
  • Links
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Embedded html
  • Linked Button

Powerful data

Shep collects data that unlocks insights to drive your travel program into the future.

Travel policies, priorities and decisions can be made based on cross-site travel usage data to best serve team members.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How can Notify be used during the COVID-19 pandemic?

    During COVID-19, Notify by Shep can be used to provide “point of browse” policy notifications to educate employees about additional approval requirements or travel restrictions.

  • How can Notify be used to communicate with travelers?

    Some typical Notify use cases are:

    • Guide employee travel search and bookings away from consumer sites (OTAs and supplier dot-coms) back to the online booking tool (OBT).
    • Inform employees on company policies, priorities and preferences so that they book travel where and how they should.
    • Educate travelers on real time conditions, restrictions and limitations of travel to certain areas due to COVID-19, visas, border closures etc.
    • Gather data around employee search and booking behaviors and preferences to help adjust the travel program and tools to meet employee expectations.
    • Onboard and drive adoption of core functionalities in the online booking tool by providing targeted guidance, instructions and educational video content.

  • Where can I find more FAQs?

    Visit our FAQs and Knowledge Base here: FAQs and Knowledge Base.