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Shep helps companies of all sizes understand, manage, and save on business travel booked on consumer sites.

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Next Generation Business Travel

Shep is a simple way for growing companies to create a travel policy, guide team bookings on top consumer travel sites, and track expenses as they happen, all with a lightweight browser extension.


Quickly and easily create a travel policy to help your team make the right decisions when booking flights and hotels on their favorite sites.


Show your team directly on their favorite travel websites, what they should book based on your travel policy at the exact moment they are thinking of booking.


Get immediate alerts when your travel policy is exceeded and access real-time reports and analytics so you can track your company’s travel spend.
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Book Your Way

Shep gives employees the power and freedom to book travel their way while helping companies manage, understand and reduce the cost of business travel.
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Business Travel Without the Hassle

No more clunky travel platform, agents, and last-minute confusion. Shep’s browser extension makes booking your business travel simple, clear and easy.

Forget That Corporate Travel Policy

No need to know the ins and outs of your company’s travel policies. Shep guides traveler bookings on their favorite sites. No hassles, no corporate sites to log into, no new processes to follow or forms to fill out.
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No More Surprises: Real Time Spending Alerts and Reporting

Shep automatically logs bookings and upcoming travel in admin reporting dashboards so that management knows just what was spent, by whom, and where and when they’re traveling. Policy exceptions are captured on travel sites as they happen and reported to management so that bad bookings can be corrected instead of punished..

Making sure everyone is aligned, informed, happy and reimbursed!

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Shep creates dual-sided visibility, helping employees understand what’s expected of them and helping management easily know how travel budget is being spent.
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