Manage the Unmanaged

Not all business travel is booked where it should be.

Shep helps companies, travel managers, and TMCs understand, monitor and save on business travel bookings made on consumer sites.

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How It Works

Shep is a frictionless way for you to guide spending, capture booking data for duty of care and measure compliance on off-channel flight and hotel bookings, made on OTAs and suppliers directly.

Simple Set Up

Configure Shep to reflect your travel policy on consumer sites, and set up alert and notification flows so that travel managers, TMCs and duty of care providers have the data they need.

Guide Travelers

The Shep web browser plug-in advises travelers about policies when they visit consumer travel sites.

Track Spend

Get alerts when your team books on consumer sites, and integrate off-channel data into company or TMC reporting.
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Know Where Your Employees Book and Why

50% of hotels and 28% of air travel is booked off-channel, on consumer sites where you have no visibility nor control. Shep captures booking data and allows the traveler to enter exception reasons and purpose for travel on most consumer travel sites.
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Employee-Centric Travel

Enabling your team to book for business as they would for leisure, lets them focus on the purpose of their travel, not the booking process. Boost employee satisfaction, retain talent and improve compliance.

Policy Guidance at the Point of Decision

Shep surfaces your travel policy and guides employees to make the right decision on OTA and supplier direct sites.
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Spending Alerts and Reporting

Shep automatically logs bookings and upcoming travel and can be integrated into TMC reporting and given to duty of care providers, keeping travelers in-policy, and safe.

Gain Control Today!

Shep creates dual-sided visibility, helping employees understand what’s expected of them and giving travel managers and TMCs access to off-channel booking activity.
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