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Work With, Not Against Your Travelers

Employees learn to search and book travel on consumer websites that spend millions of dollars to create fun, compelling experiences years before they join your company – it’s no wonder that

50% of hotels and 28% of flights are booked off-channel, outside of corporate travel programs.

We believe that the solution to the off-channel booking blindspot isn’t tighter restrictions nor another limiting booking tool but instead, using data to give the traveler more accountability and the travel manager and/or TMC real-time insights into where, what and why travelers book business travel on their favorite sites.

Shep gives the traveler more freedom and the travel manager/TMC more control and visibility.

Shep travel open booking
Shep CEO, Daniel Senyard, Pitching Reddit CEO, Steve Huffman

After being embedded at a major GDS, working on integrating a startup’s technology into a booking tool, Daniel realized that no matter how many bells and whistles a corporate booking tool has, travelers still want to book on their favorite sites.

Daniel, along with co-founders, Rey and Rafael, started Shep to eliminate the natural tension that exists between a company’s need for control and employees’ desire for freedom by allowing traveler autonomy and real-time manager/TMC visibility and reporting.


Daniel Senyard
Daniel SenyardCEO
Rafael Torres
Rafael TorresCTO
Rey Garcia
Rey GarciaVP of Engineering


Crystal Rivera
Crystal RiveraProduct Marketing Manager
Dan Molitor
Dan MolitorSoftware Engineer
Layne Cassidy
Layne CassidyDirector of Business Operations
Skipper Chong Warson
Skipper Chong WarsonDesign Director

Investors and Advisors

Ellen Keszler
Ellen KeszlerTravelocity Business, American Airlines
Kathy Misunas
Kathy MisunasSabre, American Airlines
Mitch Gross
Mitch GrossTravelport, Mondee
Pete Harrison
Pete HarrisonTripIt, GetThere
Frank Morogiello
Frank MorogielloAmerican Airlines
Jim Finnigan
Jim FinniganSoFi
Tori Detrick
Tori DetrickHomeAway, CJ
Michael Masters
Michael MastersConcur
Mariano Dima
Mariano DimaHomeAway, Visa
Don Birch
Don BirchAbacus, Sabre


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