About Shep

Who we are. What we do. What we believe.

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Shep Team

Hi. We’re the team behind Shep and we build awesome travel management software.

Who We Are

We are an Austin, TX-based travel tech startup that gives employees the power and freedom to book travel their way. Shep helps companies manage, understand and reduce the cost of business travel.

Shep Team

What We Do

Shep is a new open-booking platform that’s a win for employers and employees. Shep’s data-driven travel solution helps employees stay within policy while booking business trips as easily as they’d book a vacation. And it helps businesses slash costs and track and analyze spending.

Shep Team

What We Believe

We believe managing employees’ travel doesn’t require changing their behavior. We believe trying to change behavior is a losing battle and causes animosity between employees and managers. Instead, we free employees to make good decisions, enable them to better communicate with their managers and help them get reimbursed faster.

We believe travel—yes, even business travel—should be easy, fun and cost-effective. We believe that employees aren’t looking to cheat their employers; they simply want the freedom to make the best travel decisions for themselves.

We believe in transparency. Shep creates dual-sided visibility, helping employees understand what’s expected of them and helping management easily know how travel budget is being spent.

We believe that business travel doesn’t have to suck. You should have the freedom to search and book on your favorite sites while your managers know that their travel policy is being followed and spending tracked.

Book what you should, the way you want!