Why did we start Airplane Mode by Shep?

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Because traveling should be a fun, horizon-expanding, enriching experience but unfortunately, when you travel for business, it’s often more draining, frustrating, and confusing.

As a frequent business traveler and travel tech entrepreneur, I continuously scan the web for interesting and relevant articles, blog posts and links to help me travel better, understand the industry, and point my company in the right direction. After a year of curating a massive list of resources, I realized that other people could benefit from my hoarding. And so, the Airplane Mode newsletter was born.

Airplane Mode is geared towards people who want modern solutions, fresh ideas and the latest news in travel and finance technology. We work to ensure our newsletter is the worth space in your inbox and your time reading it. We think business travelers, as well as HR folks handling corporate travel booking, and finance managers will all benefit from it.

You can sign up for Airplane Mode here

We’re excited to have you and look forward to bringing you stories, news and media we find interesting.

If you have a co-worker, colleague or friend that you think could use a biz travel upgrade, please share this with them so that they can subscribe too.

– Daniel Senyard CEO and Co-founder of Shep

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