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Airplane Mode Vol. 1

Hi there and welcome to our first issue of Airplane Mode! Each issue we’ll bring you the freshest news, views, tools, and tips to make traveling for work a little easier and more joyful.

For the newbies, I’m Daniel Senyard, serial entrepreneur in the AI, travel, fin-tech, and media spaces; startup mentor; and CEO and co-founder of Shep (the biz travel tool that lets employees book what they want, the way they should)!

Why We Started Airplane Mode

Traveling should be a fun, horizon-expanding, enriching experience but unfortunately, when you travel for business, it’s often more draining, frustrating, and confusing.

As a frequent business traveler and travel tech entrepreneur, I continuously scan the web for interesting and relevant articles, blog posts and links to help me travel better, understand the industry, and point my company in the right direction. After a year of curating a massive list of resources, I realized that other people could benefit from my hoarding. And so, the Airplane Mode newsletter was born.

Airplane Mode is geared towards people who want modern solutions, fresh ideas, and the latest news in travel and finance technology. We work to ensure our newsletter is the worth space in your inbox and your time reading it. We think business travelers, as well as HR folks handling corporate travel booking, and finance managers will all benefit from it.

We’re excited to have you and look forward to bringing you stories, news and media we find interesting.

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Daniel Senyard CEO and Co-founder of Shep

In Depth

The view inside an airplane at Austin Bergstrom International Airport

Myth versus Reality: Travel Beliefs and the Truth Behind Them

We investigated the travel myths that have survived generations of business travel and sorted through the overwhelming amount of travel advice circulating online to give you a concise view of what today’s travel experts deem fact and fiction.

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In Other News

As More Ultra-long Haul Flights Lift Off, Prices For Other Routes Sink
Data shows that ticket prices for conventional routes are lowering as ultra-long flights that connect major financial centers continue to enter service. How will this influence corporate travel booking?
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Amadeus and Lufthansa Launch Biometric Boarding at LAX, Plan U.S. Expansion
A pipeline starting with facial-recognition cameras and ending with a passenger walking onto a plane without needing to show a boarding pass or passport allowed Lufthansa to board 350 passengers in 20 minutes.
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Not Signing Up for TSA Precheck Is a Big Mistake – Here’s Why
Are you a frequent traveler that’s not currently signed up for TSA Precheck? Find out what you’re missing and what the application process entails.
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AI Analysis, Part 1: Travel Tech Giants
How is AI currently being used in travel and where is it going from here? Amadeus, Sabre, and Travelport weigh in on this recurring series.
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Driverless Buses Will Shuttle London’s Gatwick To a World’s First For Airport
Gatwick Aiport will make history when it launches a six-month trial starting this summer by moving staff members via electric-powered driverless buses. What could the success of this program mean for airside vehicles?
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The Key to Changing Employee Travel Booking Behavior? Don’t Fight It.
PMNTS recently interviewed Shep CEO and Co-founder Daniel Senyard about how Shep seeks to provide a light-weight booking tool for business travel that will give travelers a consumer experience within their corporate policy guidelines without the weight of current corporate booking tools.
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Want to know if Shep is right for you?
Shep is a free browser extension that you take with you wherever you book your travel. Shep shows you what’s in your travel policy and tracks your expenses on your favorite travel sites like Expedia, Southwest, Orbitz, Travelocity, Hotels.com and more. Request access to Shep and see what it can do for you.


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