How Does Your Team Travel?

Control your expenses, guide your team

Shep is a Plug ’n Play travel policy and expense tool that enables growing companies to save up to 30% on their travel costs. Employees are free to book flights and hotels on almost any site while the management team gets real-time insights into how much was spent, by whom and know exactly where in the world their team is at any given minute.

FOR EMPLOYEES:  The Shep browser extension gives travelers the information they need to make good purchase decisions right when they need it, on the sites they already book on.

FOR MANAGERS:  Management is able to guide spending behaviortrack policy compliancefulfill duty of care responsibilities (know who’s where and when), get overspending alerts, and access powerful reporting, all without the friction of forcing their team to learn a new, clunky enterprise tool!

Shep lets employees book biz travel on the sites they want, the way they should.