Benefits and features

Guide your team back to business travel


Empower travelers with real time guidance

Bring actionable policy, and health-and-safety notifications into the booking flow.


Reduce leakage from your tools

Drive search behavior from consumer sites back to your online booking tool with point-of-browse directions.


Push instant notifications

Create and deploy personalized and relevant notifications to your entire workforce in minutes.


Save on your travel program

Ensure unused credits are being utilized and drive OBT adoption for massive program savings.

Guide travel buying during COVID-19

Provide real time travel restriction information to your employees with point-of-browse guidance.

  • Speed up your return to travel
  • Empower employees with relevant information
  • Adjust messages to match the current environment

Don't let unused credits go to waste

Display unused credits across multiple airlines before employees make new purchases.

  • Don’t let unused credits expire
  • Save on redundant tickets
  • Provide quick reference to credits during search

Bring your connected services into the booking flow

Connect all of your data sources to provide direction as employees search.

  • Show information from multiple sources through APIs
  • Connect services like duty of care, unused credit, visa requirements and more
  • Deliver the most updated and relevant information from dynamic sources
The most important thing is giving travelers the important, relevant information at the time they’re booking their travel, rather than after.
Now you need pre-trip info before traveling even to another U.S. state.
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Yukari Tortorich VP, Global Travel Services Discovery Inc.

Display destination-specific information based on the search

Only show notifications related to where the traveler is going.

  • Program specific guidance based on the city, state, or country
  • Deliver duty of care information as employees search
  • Create and modify notifications as local conditions change

Deliver notifications instantly using the admin dashboard

Quickly and easily create and share custom notifications through the self-service dashboard

  • Create or modify notifications instantly and send to your entire organization
  • Customize messages using images, videos, embedded HTML, and links
  • Get started quickly with a library of notification templates

Communicate to your global workforce

Deploy Notify across your international team to keep everyone on the same page

  • Send notifications to travelers in 35 countries
  • Deploy messages across more than 1,800 sites
  • Maintain consistent travel guidance across the globe
The notifications can provide health alerts, travel advisories and links to a company's Covid-19 resource page or external resources on the virus.
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