GBTA Webinar: Tech tools to speed companies’ return to travel

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As COVID-19 has changed the role of the travel manager, the importance of being able to evaluate, pick, and integrate best-in-class tools into your tech stack to meet the “new normal” is key. As such, GBTA (Global Business Travel Association) has put together a series of webinars to introduce their members to new technologies that might help them get back to travel.

We’re pleased to announce that Shep has been asked to present Notify during the first one of the series on Thursday:

“The Tech Safari Series showcases new technologies launching cutting-edge solutions that solve COVID-19 immediate issues and needs. Three companies, identified and vetted by the GBTA Technology Committee, will reveal their new product and/or solution. Panel members will question the technology’s usability in corporate travel, explore the product’s availability and identify the audience(s) that will benefit from its use.”

Register for Thursday’s Tech Safari here

The companies presenting alongside us are Dimer (Germ Falcon!) and Tripism:

  •  The Most Effective Way to Kill Germs on Contaminated Surfaces. Providing the Fastest & Most Reliable Disinfecting Process on the Market.
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To see how Notify can help you deliver relevant health and safety messages as employees are searching for business travel on Chrome or Edge browsers, schedule a meeting.

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