How do I add Members to Shep?

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Working alone isn’t much fun, so let’s add some users to your Shep Account.  You can add users directly, or allow new users to sign up themselves.

This will allow you to invite new Travelers, update department details, and change permissions of existing Travelers.

  1. Head over to the admin dashboard to access the Members of your Account.
  2. Click the Add button in the lower left
  3. Enter the email(s) of the Traveler(s) you would like to invite
  4. Separate multiple travelers with commas

Note: Any email addresses that you’d like to invite must share your company’s domain

What if my travelers want to invite other colleagues?

Not just admins can invite travelers to join Shep! The invite button in the extension will allow travelers to invite anyone, and we will automatically add invited travelers to your Shep Account if they share the same email domain. If you invite someone with an email domain outside of your company, we’ll send them a link to our homepage and a demo.

Note: New users with a matching email domain are automatically assigned as Travelers in your organization.