Frequently Asked Questions

Which sites does Shep work on?

Shep works on some of the most popular and highly trafficked consumer booking platforms & brands. The Shep travel tool is currently live on 55+ sites.

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How do I remove Travelers or Admins from my Shep Account?

Within the Members view of your Admin Dashboard, you can remove users by pressing the red circle next to their Member information. You can also adjust Job Function (Business Unit) as well as roles (Admin or Traveler) by clicking "Edit", making your changes and then "Save."

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How do Admins make policy changes or updates?

Within the Admin Dashboard, click "Policy". You can adjust the policy values for hotels and flights to the right by typing in the new value or using the arrows on the numeric text box to increase or decrease limits. Once you click "Save", your policy will update across all users. 

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