Why don’t I see my transactions when I log into the Admin Dashboard?

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The Shep dashboard provides an aggregated view of your Travelers’ off channel bookings.

Upon creating your Shep Account, the first user is automatically granted admin access. This first user will need to update permissions for following users to gain access as well. Initially, existing records will need to be provided to the Shep team if you wish to access these previous transactions via the Shep Dashboard. Any transactions captured with Shep’s Chrome extension will appear automatically.

It will take a few moments to load in your transaction data in the TRANSACTIONS view of the Admin Dashboard, depending on the number of transactions in your account. The admin dashboard is optimized for Google Chrome, if you’re using another browser try accessing the dashboard in Chrome.

If you’ve tried the above and still are not able to see any transaction data in the dashboard, please contact us: hi@sheptravel.com