Getting to know the Shep Extension

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Shep in Action

Shep extends the functionality of your Chrome browser on consumer travel sites.

When you first navigate to a travel site, you will be shown your policy at a glance. You can easily close this by clicking the close icon in the top right, or by clicking the Shep head on the page.


When you are checking out, Shep will automatically capture your booking details and a pre-filled form will slide into the right of your screen. If anything wasn’t captured correctly, you are free to change details, add notes, and when finished click submit.


The Shep extension is made up of 3 main tabs:

  • The Sites tab allows you to quickly navigate to top travel sites to book upcoming business travel.
  • The Policy tab provides a brief overview of what your spending limits are for flights and hotels.
  • The Feedback tab gives you a quick way to reach out to the Shep team, for any questions or issues along the way.  


Personal Travel Mode

Allows you to book personal travel on your work computer. When personal mode is on, you will not be shown your travel policy, and the booking will not be captured in your organization’s Shep account as a business travel booking. Learn more.