Shep Booking Capture Autofill

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We’re excited to introduce Shep’s newest feature: Booking Capture Flight and Hotel Autofill.

What’s New

This feature makes it easier to capture your business travel bookings by autofilling flight and hotel details during the booking process. Flight autofill works on airport codes, dates of travel, and price; hotel autofill works on dates of travel and price. Please note: the user will need to manually enter the hotel location/address as this not yet captured by the autofill feature.

How Does It Work

  • Once on the checkout page of your booking, the booking capture screen will appear on the right-hand side of the page.
  • The fields will automatically populate based on your flight details. Click on the Accommodation radio button at the top of the booking capture screen for lodging details.
  • You can easily confirm if the flight codes, travel dates, and price are correct. Click into these fields to change the details if needed.
  • The Booking Notes field allows you to enter the reason for travel, such as attending a training or visiting a client.
  • Press Submit and your booking is sent automatically to your company for easy reporting.

Things To Know

  • The Booking Capture screen may take a few seconds to appear on the travel site.
  • You can now search for airports on the Booking Capture screen by city, airport name, or airport code.