Why isn’t Shep Notify working on this travel site?

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We’re sorry that you’re having this issue. There could be a few causes for not seeing the Shep Notify notifications on your chosen site.

  1. You may be signed out. To sign back in, click on the Shep logo in your browser extension bar. Please note that the logo that appears can be white-labeled so it may be your company’s logo or the logo of your travel management company. If you are signed out, the logo will turn grey.
  2. If you’ve recently turned on personal travel mode in the extension, you may still have it turned on. Make sure personal mode is turned off when you’re booking business travel. Shep automatically turns personal mode off after 2 hours.
  3. It’s possible that you’ve been removed from your Shep account by an administrator at your organization. Please contact your organization for more details.
  4. If your organization uses a firewall or other network security systems, you’ll need to contact your IT team to work out any issues you may be having with Shep.

If none of the above items cover your issue, please use this feedback page to report your experience to the Shep team for support.