Start Traveling with Shep

Start Traveling with Shep

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The Shep web browser extension advises travelers about policies when visiting consumer travel sites like Expedia or At the time of making a booking, Shep allows Travelers to verify booking details and provide notes for the trip, and then submit the trip details to their company.

The Shep chrome browser extension works with Windows & macOS, and is downloaded through the Chrome web store.

Installing the Extension

There are a few steps to start using the Shep extension.

Set Up Your Account

  • You will receive an email with an invitation to join your company on Shep.
  • Click the link in the email to Join and Set Up Your Account.

Verify Your Email

  • After completing the Signup form, you will receive an email from your company with a link to verify your email.
  • Click this link to activate your Shep account.

Install the Extension

  • With your email confirmed, click the install button to download Shep from the Chrome Store.
  • Shep has now been added to the extension bar that lives at the top right of your browser window. Click on the Shep icon to sign in with the email & password that you created in Shep’s Signup.
  • Once signed in, Shep will automatically pull in your organization’s travel policy and is ready for use on consumer travel sites.

Congratulations, you’re a certified Shep Traveler! Bon voyage!