Why am I unable to invite new Members to Shep?

Why am I unable to invite new Members to Shep?

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Having difficulty inviting new Members to your Shep Account?

There may be a couple of causes to these issues, hopefully, the following will be helpful in assessing the cause. You can reach out directly to the Shep team at any time for further assistance, hi@sheptravel.com.

You may send any Travelers that you would like to add directly to the Shep Sign Up Page to gain access. They’ll automatically be added to your Shep Account based on their email domain after confirming their email address.

Here are possible errors that may be encountered:

  • To invite someone from the extension, you must click the Invite button, navigating directly to the Invite URL will not allow you to send invites.
  • Entered emails must be complete (include an @ and a complete domain).
  • Complete emails should be followed by a comma in order to send multiple invites.
  • Ending with a comma will suggest that you are adding more email addresses.
  • If you’re inviting Members from the admin dashboard, the entered email address must share your organization’s email domain.  
  • If you have been removed from your organization’s Shep Account, a notification is provided via email.


Explore the How Do I Add Members to Shep? FAQ for a detailed explanation of Shep’s process for adding Travelers and Admins to your Shep Account.


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