What if I’m traveling for a personal trip?

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By default, Shep Notify works on all travel sites you visit in your Chrome browser. If you’re booking personal travel and would like to turn Shep Notify off, you can easily activate personal travel mode from the notification or from the extension. Turning this on will temporarily deactivate Shep Notify. In personal travel mode, the Shep logo or your company’s logo in the lower right of the site will disappear to let you know that the Shep Notify extension is turned off. Personal travel mode will time out in 2 hours, and Shep will resume automatically.

Turning Personal Mode On via the Notification

Click the “It’s a personal trip” link in the bottom left corner of the notification. This turns on personal mode and notifications will not be sent.











Turning Personal Mode On via the Extension Icon

You’ll find the Personal Trip toggle by clicking the extension icon to the right of your browser’s address bar. This icon will either be the Shep logo or your travel management company’s logo.

Personal Mode Turned Off










Personal Mode Turned On