Shep releases Notify to Edge Browser

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Notify, the right-place-at-the-right-time, notification system from Shep is now able to deliver health and safety, policy, and unused credit guidance on Microsoft Edge.

When we first built Shep, we were working with unmanaged SMBs who mostly run their businesses on the Google Suite (Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar etc.) but very quickly realized that if we were going to work with the larger enterprise market, we’d have to add a lot of Microsoft support.

As a startup, focus is key and supporting multiple operating systems can be a big distraction. This is why Instagram was only available on iOS (iPhone) for its first 2+ years before adding an Android app. You want to build, test, and perfect your site/app/tool on one system before having to build and support another. This allows you to make your mistakes and fixes only once.

We tried to focus on Chrome alone but as we talked to more and more companies, the demand for Microsoft Edge grew. Fortunately for us, we didn’t have to rebuild our extension as Microsoft announced that they were going to be switching to use Chromium (the “engine” behind Google Chrome browser) to power Edge. This meant that the conversion of our extension from Chrome to Edge was much more simple and something we could support quickly. Naturally, it still took some time to tweak and test, but we’re pleased to have it live in the Edge store now!

With Edge and Chrome, Notify will be able to serve the majority of employees. Chrome is the most popular extension in the world, accounting for more than 70% of all users and as Computerworld notes, “Microsoft’s Edge will be the sole conceivable threat to Chrome’s overwhelming majority.”

To see how Notify can help you deliver relevant health and safety messages as employees are searching for business travel on Chrome or Edge browsers, schedule a meeting.

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