Keep Informed About Business Travel During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Shep Notify keeps employees safe, healthy and informed as they search for business travel. Companies of all sizes can notify employees about travel restrictions due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak at the moment they start looking for travel.

How It Works

Shep uses browser extension technology to pop up customizable, context aware notifications to travelers both in your booking online booking tool (Concur) and outside, on consumer sites.

Shep is fast, intuitive and delivers "right message at the right time" capabilities and links out to external resources to ensure employees make the right travel choices.

Install the Shep Notify Browser Extension

Health and Safety Notifications Everywhere

Get pop-up travel notifications and alerts when you are looking for or booking business travel across multiple sites.

Whether searching for a flight or hotel on your official company online booking tool or off on a consumer website, Shep Notify is able to deliver relevant, timely messages about travel rules, policy, and priorities.

Stay Informed With Real-Time Updates

Your company and travel management company can update their policies and advisories in real time.

As travel risk and health factors change, it’s critical for companies to be able to communicate the right info to the right travelers at the right time and direct them to informational resources as necessary.

Know When, Where, and How to Travel

As restrictions start to lift and travel needs to start up again, Notify can communicate which countries employees can and can’t travel to.

Notify recognizes which destination a traveler is searching for and can notify them if travel is still restricted to that region.

Powerful Data

Shep collects data that unlocks insights to drive your travel program into the future.

Travel policies, priorities and decisions can be made based on cross-site travel usage data to best serve team members.

Customized Messaging

To manage the potential spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19, most companies are restricting business travel to only critical trips and are often recommending employees completely avoid travel to highly affected areas.

Shep can inform travelers of these policies and redirect them to forms, resources or your intranet for more information. If travelers still need to travel, you need to inform them of best practices like washing their hands, avoiding handshakes and hugs, and monitoring their health once they return from travel. Shep can also inform them of this while they are booking.

How Do I Get Started?

Shep Notify is currently available on the Chrome browser and users have to individually install the extension. If you want to bulk upload employees or change the default link/message, please contact As this is a new initiative, we are rapidly building and itterating this functionality and we'll be adding customers as their IT setup matches our deployment requirements.

Install the Shep Notify Browser Extension