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Shep is a light-weight platform that provides policy guidance and reporting for business travel on your favorite sites. 

Open Booking

Instead of forcing your team to book on clunky corporate travel tools, Shep frees travelers up to book on their favourite favorite travel sites. Shep puts easy-to-understand green boxes around results that are in-policy to let you guide the best booking behavior.

Simple Policy Management

Create a lightweight, easy-to-follow travel policy in minutes to better control your team's travel spend and let the browser extension guide bookings and increase your policy compliance. Updating it is simple and policy changes are live across your entire team immediately.

Real-time Reporting

Admins & managers gain insight into their team's travel booking, trends and policy compliance in real time so that both the traveler and the manager have full visibility into what's allowed to be purchased and what is actually purchased. No more waiting until the expense report is submitted for reimbursement after the trip to find out how much was spent.

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Who is This for?

Shep is a business travel tool for travellers, HR folk and financial wizzes in Small-to-Medium companies 

When can I Start Using Shep?

Shep is currently in development, but since you're from Product Hunt we'll let you check it out early ;)

 Expect regular updates throughout the next several months, with our full release coming later this year.