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Shep’s CEO, Daniel Senyard, was recently interviewed for a BTN article about sustainability initiatives and how to present actionable information to business travelers.

Shep CEO Daniel Senyard sees sustainability messaging as a promising post-pandemic application of its platform. “As Shep is a flexible communications tool, you can really add any sort of custom sustainability messaging,” said Senyard. “You could ask employees if they really need to travel as they start searching for a flight and prompt them to use Zoom instead. On the flight result page, you could tell them to use an airline that uses sustainable air fuel or remind them to fly economy class. You could also pop up a message telling them to take the train when they search for a flight from Paris to London, or to stay at a particular hotel when they search for a specific city.”

The article also mentions Shep’s announcement of partnering with Thrust Carbon.

Shep in late April partnered with Thrust Carbon to integrate dynamic data and carbon emission calculations into the booking flow within an OBT environment, presenting booking-specific information and comparisons such as, “’This flight is the equivalent of driving a small car 8.9 percent to the moon,’ or ‘This flight is the equivalent of 16,000 hours of video conferencing,’” Senyard said.

Read the entire article here on BTN.

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