Shep CEO Named 2018 Corporate Travel Innovator

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Today’s corporate travel innovators

Skift, “the largest industry intelligence platform providing media, insights, and marketing to key sectors of travel” has released it’s annual list of Corporate Travel Innovators for 2018. Shep CEO and Co-founder Daniel Senyard was honored among 15 other leaders in the corporate travel space for his contributions to the evolution of modern business travel through Shep, an employee-focused open booking tool for business travel.

Daniel Senyard Shep

Daniel Senyard


I’ve been reading Skift for years and was very pleasantly surprised and honored to find that I was on this year’s Corporate Travel Innovators List for the work my amazing team is doing at Shep!”



Shep’s Mission

Shep allows small to medium-sized enterprises to set up a travel policy that guides and tracks spending on any travel site, without the friction of a complex new booking tool. Business travelers now can have complete freedom to book travel within policy on any site, accessing policy information and tracking spending through a lightweight browser extension. Shep gently guides travelers at the time of booking, capturing notes on why overspending is necessary. If a traveler books an out-of-policy flight or hotel, Shep alerts management in real-time so that “bad” bookings can be corrected before the trip instead of punished after the trip, once the expense report is submitted. The browser extension currently highlights in-policy results, reports justifications for policy violations and captures expenses on Expedia, Orbitz, Southwest, AirBnB, Delta, United,, and Travelocity.

Shep’s mission is to bring low touch travel management to the unmanaged.

Senyard is joined by NextTravel CEO Wen-Wen Lam, BDC Travel’s Director of Emerging Technologies Miriam Moscovici, Lola CEO Paul English, and more trailblazers within the business travel industry on Skift’s short list. You can read more about all 16 members of the 2018 Corporate Travel Innovators list by heading to Skift.


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