Shep Chosen for Spring 2018 Texas Venture Labs Startup Accelerator

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Texas Venture Labs (TVL) is a crucial member of the Austin startup ecosystem that seeks to facilitate entrepreneurship for the students involved, and Shep is excited to announce our acceptance into its Accelerator program. The TVL Accelerator is a campus-wide initiative at The University of Texas – Austin that pairs graduate students across multiple disciplines with emerging startups for a semester of real-world problem solving and consultation work alongside founders.

Interested startups must first apply to the TVL Accelerator with their business plan, investor pitch deck, and logo. After a selection process, applicants are brought in for interviews and pitch their startups to TVL before being chosen by students for acceptance into the program.

The Shep team is excited to welcome four graduate students from UT Austin for ten weeks of collaboration. Our new consultants had this to say about their upcoming work with Shep:

“After hearing your pitch last week, I was immediately interested in working with your team. I think Shep is a great way to relieve a ubiquitous problem, with a large potential market to enter. The design is minimal and sleek, easy to use, with many features to address problems and improve the experience on both the management and employee side of the issue. I am also very excited to be working with your team. I would love the opportunity to learn from the expertise and diverse experiences you all have in many distinct areas of business development.”

“I am excited about SHEP’s knowledgeable team and focused vision. I also believe the company will be a success.”

“The fact that your product seems very logical and easy for users to use. It’s not just some nonsensical product that’s being launched just for the sake of launching a business. Y’all have created a pragmatic solution that has the ability to help a lot of companies, which really interests me.”

“As an engineering Ph.D. student, I am really interested in learning about business operations and considerations when launching a new product or idea. I want to get a more holistic idea of how a company translates a new technology or idea into a successful business, and better understand the challenges of bringing a product to market.”

Check out Shep CEO and Co-founder Daniel Senyard’s post on why some startups join Accelerators and learn more about Texas Venture Labs.

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(Featured Image Source: TVL)

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