Shep is runner up at BTN Innovate 2020

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At October’s BTN Innovate conference, I presented Shep’s pop-up travel guidance to an audience of more than 500 enterprise travel managers. Naturally, the two-day 2020 conference was held over Zoom vs. in person. 10 companies each got seven minutes to pitch and demo their solutions and after much deliberation, Shep came in as runner-up. This was the second time we’ve received such great recognition at the conference as we also were runner-up at the 2018 event.

While we would have been thrilled to win the event, we were happy to see Thrust Carbon win. Thrust Carbon is a London based green-tech startup that allows companies to implement and manage a sustainable travel program. We’ve been working with them on a potential partnership to bring sustainability guidance right into the travel booking flow. When one of the judges recommended that Thrust Carbon partner with us, CEO, Mark Corbett said, “We’ve been talking with Shep for a while.” Stay tuned for more on Shep + Thrust Carbon!

Other judges included, Norm Rose, President of Travel Tech Consulting; Michelle DeCosta, Head of Global Travel at Takeda Pharmaceuticals; and last year’s winner, Devon Tivona, CEO and Co-Founder at Pana.

Other presenting companies included:

  • TripKicks – spend guidance startup
  • Atriis – next-generation online booking tool
  • GETT – ground travel platform
  • Mint House – corporate apartment-style accommodation company
  • Pilota – flight and airline health/safety Chrome extension
  • ReadyBid – travel sourcing tool
  • Undelay – flight delay predictor
  • 3 Victors – Travel Data Analytics platform

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