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This post is part of our Return to Travel Sooner and Safer Series based on the 5 Steps to Return to Business Travel Sooner and Safer e-book.

According to a 2018 Lockton report, employers have “the moral and legal responsibility and obligation for the health, safety, and security of their employees, especially those traveling on behalf of the employer.”

Whether you have just started thinking about duty of care or already have an established program, the global pandemic has meant that you need to take the next step in order to offer your employees exceptional care, guidance, and safety as they return to travel.

It all starts with a duty of care plan.

Step 1: Create a plan

Outline your approach to enabling and supporting employees as they travel for work. This needs to be created and maintained by a cross-functional team of stakeholders to ensure that all levels, departments, and managers apply the same rules equally for all employees.

Step 2:  Pick your data

Maintaining up-to-date guidance in such a dynamic and changing environment is not scalable so pick a list of trusted data sources you want your team to refer to. Create a single location (intranet or shared doc) that lists the agreed upon website resources (vaccination requirements, travel department sites, civil unrest trackers) so that travelers know where to turn when deciding to travel.

Step 3:  Find a vendor

Find a duty of care vendor who has the team, expertise and scale to support your traveler, be it with telemedicine, phone support, or even emergency extraction.

Step 4: Expand your program

It’s not only your business travelers that go to other cities. Now any employee going on vacation faces far more challenges and introduces risk as they come back to the office.

Informing employees of travel risks is incredibly important in today’s landscape. Picking the best duty of care partner for your organization means taking the time to review what your program currently excels at and where your gaps are. The Shep browser extension has partnered with several duty of care providers to bring dynamic and relevant information and guidance directly into the booking flow inside of your OBT or on multiple consumer travel sites. Click the Let’s Talk button below to find out more!

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