Notify by Shep in action

Guide employees to sustainable travel

The Shep browser extension overlays policy guidance on top of your online booking tool and consumer travel sites to proactively direct employees to more sustainable travel.

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Notify by Shep in action


Bite-sized policy

Break your sustainability policy into easy-to-read guidance.


Proactive vs. reactive

Proactively direct people to the right options before travel vs. trying to offset carbon emissions afterward.


Change behavior

Steer employees to “greener” travel choices with educational prompts.


Actionable nudges

Turn policies into actions with “right message at the right time” guidance.

Sustainability data powered by Thrust Carbon power-up

The Shep extension is powered by leading sustainability provider, Thrust Carbon, to bring dynamic data and carbon calculations into the booking flow inside of your OBT or on multiple consumer travel sites.

  • With this integration, employees can see:
  • The average carbon impact of a specific flight
  • Comparisons of flights vs. alternative methods of travel
  • Other real-world comparisons

The Shep browser extension directs employees to:

  • Book a train vs. a flight for short-distance travel
  • Schedule a video conference vs. booking a short trip
  • Select economy class instead of business
  • Use specific airlines (eg. that use sustainable jet fuel [SAF])
  • Consider the carbon impact of their choices*
  • Select your preferred “green” hotel properties

Green travel can drive savings

As travel begins to return and travel expenses climb, companies are realizing that being sustainable can also be profitable. It’s obviously great from a PR and perception standpoint (driving loyalty and sales) but using Zoom instead of flying for a single meeting, picking an economy seat, or using the EuroRail instead of jumping on a plane also saves money.

Actionable policy guidance

A corporate sustainability policy is only as good as its adoption. This extension allows you to move your rules, policy, and guidance around sustainability (and duty of care, leakage, and attachment) out of the word doc and pop them up at the exact time it is most relevant and actionable.

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